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Beef Jerky – Chef’s Cut

Chipotle Cracked Pepper

I’m always on the hunt for a new delicious brand of jerky to snack on, either on the road or on the trail. Making beef jerky is one of my favorite things to dehydrate. It’s such a versatile way to bring a huge amount of flavors with you where ever you go. I’m definitely making some this weekend. For now, I picked this one up on sale for a dollar off the other day, let’s see how it fares.

Overall: 3/5
Price: $5.99
Weight: 2.5oz
Calories (bag): 250

Flavor: Initially sweetness is short lasted and some nice heat comes through pretty early on. It’s not very salty, but the meat itself is not flavorful either, only the chipotle. The heat lingered for about a minute after each piece. I can’t believe i’m saying this.. but, more salt would be nice!

Texture: Very soft, not chewy at all. Dissolves pretty quickly after a few chews. Red pepper flakes on the meat are a nice contrast from the meat itself. Feels more like shredded beef jerky.

Chipotle Cracked Pepper

Taking the above into account, I think this is an alright jerky to pick up if you see it on sale, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to take it on the road or trail with me.

Trail Meals – Ingredients

Trail Cooking is a unique skill. Finding the perfect balance of calories to weight, ease of preparation, and most of all – deliciousness, is not easy. To complicate matters more, extended backpacking trips require a lot of food. Livestrong estimates that on average, 200 calories are burnt per hour of hiking.

Let’s look at some quick and easily mixable ingredients! Many of these can be eaten exactly as they are, or mixed together to get some calorie packed meals.

Food Calories/Ounce
Almonds 160
Peanuts 170
Walnuts 183
Sunflower Seeds 173
Peanut Butter 165
Almond Butter 165
Flour Tortillas 90
Muesli 100
Powdered Milk 150
Olive Oil 240
Peanut M&M’s 140
Salmon Packets 70/packet
Powdered Hummus 100
Banana Chips 160
Dark Chocolate 180
Pre-cooked Bacon 150
Powdered Potatoes 110
Pitted Dates 100
Macadamia Nuts 215
Pine Nuts 210
Dried Cranberries 100
Dried Apricots 75
Dried Prunes 72
White Chocolate Chips 140
Summer Sausage 100
Beef Jerky 80

I’ll be updating this list often, adding to it as I come across more backcountry cooking staples and meal ideas. My next post will focus on taking some of the ingredients listed above and creating meals with them.

I’d love it if you left a comment if you have ideas on how to use these ingredients or others, or shared your backcountry meals!